Bark Bite Heart & Fight by Anne Faith Nicholls

Bark & Bite, Heart & Fight
by Anne Faith Nicholls, 2017
Acrylic on Grommeted Canvas, approx. 105” x 79”

Bark & Bite, Heart & Fight depicts a mantra of self-preservation conveyed though anthropomorphism and symbolism. The violent, yet bucolic scene can be interpreted as an allegory of current social discourse, and is loosely based on Aesop’s fable of The Fox & The Crow, warning against flattery. This mural-like painting was intentionally created to present like a giant, vintage, circus or propaganda poster, inspired by the artist’s obsessions with Folk Art, Patriotic Propaganda, and Fraternal Art Movements, with material use directly influenced by contemporary artist Kerry James Marshall. The work’s heavy-weight, treated canvas tarpaulin has been meticulously hand-aged and distressed for an antique finish.