Three Layers of Consciousness
by Anne Faith Nicholls
Oil on canvas, 30" wide x 40" tall

This work depicts three (various) levels of consciousness, or layers of thought. On the bottom layer, we have a representation of passionate inspiration. A young girl reading a salacious tale in an orange grove is meant to represent the awareness of all the senses: Touch, smell, taste, inquisitiveness, passion, yearning, lust, youth and sexuality. You can almost smell the oranges and grass she lays in and symbolically, her senses are on "fire" as she reads. The book symbolically "holds the keys" to her enlightenment. 

In the middle lays a skeleton. This image is based on the Noble Skeletons found, adorned in their final resting place, in the catacombs of Paris. It rests quietly underground, buried with dignity and crowned… this represents a layer of cociousness akin to "resting" or being "at peace". This could be interpreted as sleep or death. 

Finally, we have the top layer… An infinite wavescape, meant to represent the limitless possabilty of the mind. The mind's infinite and omnipotent eye crowns the piece, representing consciousness itself, imagination, awareness, and enlightenment.