Three Layers of Consciousness_by Anne Faith Nicholls.jpg

Dos Caras De Una Historia  
by Anne Faith Nicholls
Acrylic and Gold Enamel on Canvas, 40” tall x 30” wide

This is a painting, which, like its name, indeed has two sides to it’s story. Firstly, the artist, forever inspired by the great Spanish surrealists, has created a testament to the sometimes alarming polarity or contradictions that often occurs within a dream. It was also directly inspired by the artists recent study of Spain and it’s rich history, particularly the cultural divide that occurred under Franco’s dictatorship, which still, in some ways, continues to divide the country to this day. The bull, being a symbol of Spain and it’s conservative and powerful capitol Madrid, verses the pastoral landscape and freedom of the more progressive Catalunya, is depicted symbolically as a dream revealed, and could perhaps be paralleled to the mind’s constant adversary in its own self. Red roses, another symbol of Spain, celebrate a fight well fought,  like accolades thrown to a matador at a bull fight, while the mysterious legs under the bed-of-the-subconscious could symbolize death.