Glass Houses
by Anne Faith Nicholls
Acrylic on canvas. Extra long diptych: 96”x30” side-by-side, signed (initialed) lower right corner

Glass Houses is a painted set, or "diptych", designed to be displayed side-by-side, as the left image and it's narrative bleeds into the right. However, both paintings can also stand  on their own with both mutually and singularly balanced compositions. This is piece is part of Nicholls' Strange Botanica Series, and is likewise lush with verdant layers, and symbolic narrative undertones. Here, the artist has created a vast panorama with a composition that bounces between glass houses, or conservatory-type structures. The broader underlying theme of the piece contemplates the contradictions of isolation vs. connection and transparency vs. privacy. This is the artist's visual exploration on how  those contrasts tend to shape the way we respond to our environment and communicate with one another.