Trompe L’oeil Books
by Anne Faith Nicholls, 2019
Painted wall/table sculpture
Acrylic on wood, approx. 8” x 13”

These unique painted objects of art feature a classical “Trompe L’oeil” technique, used to create a visual illusion that tricks the eye into perceiving painted detail as three-dimensional. At first glance these can perplex, appearing to float on the wall or table as dimensional objects, perhaps even mistaken for real books. But upon closer inspection, they reveal themselves as cleverly angled and painted wood cut-outs.

Each contains an inset- a painted eye, mouth or ear-symbolizing the sensory tenets of storytelling, with a Neosurrealistic twist. Individually, or as a set, they were envisioned by the artist as mysterious, alluring additions to any booklover’s collection.