AFN Collection is now open, featuring exclusive offerings & female-focused collaborations from artist Anne Faith Nicholls, with FREE SHIPPING on all items at WWW.AFNCOLLECTION.COM

AFN Collection is a female-focused art collection, established in 2018, by renowned painter & curator Anne Faith Nicholls whose works have been exhibited in galleries, fairs, publications and museums around the world. Now she offers an ever-growing, curated selection of original artworks directly to collectors, and features exclusive collaborations with other female artists, to present an independent art resource that empowers women with each acquisition.  

After being represented by some of the art industry's foremost galleries, and still finding an alarming disparity in the support, camaraderie and exposure female artists were getting compared to their male contemporaries, Anne Faith Nicholls sought to fill the gap in her own way... AFN Collection is both an independent resource to acquire Anne's art, and a female-focused project platform, highlighting other artists through exclusive collaborations. And a portion of each purchase is donated to one of the wonderful non-profit & charitable organizations we’ve partnered with, who are also committed to supporting and empowering women.

This collection reflects my evolution as an artist. I’m proud to present iconic pieces, both large and small, that represent expression, inspiration, craftsmanship, and ethos.

-Anne Faith Nicholls