A sincere thank you to all the wonderful art lovers who were in attendance at the opening night reception of Neosurrealism: New Works by Anne Faith Nicholls in San Francisco, CA on May 13, 2017! A beautiful weekend of rare sunny weather in San Francisco provided the perfect backdrop for an elegant evening hosted by Martin Lawrence Galleries.

Much of this show was inspired by my years living in San Francisco, and my evolution since then, so I was thrilled to show this work in the heart of the city. I have a long history with, and love for, The Bay Area. And so I was happy to get some love back, in this "homecoming" of sorts. I can report, as of now, after a great week, only a few works from this show are still available, and you can inquire about those directly with the gallery by emailing: 

Many thanks to the exceptional team at Martin Lawrence Galleries, namely Gallery Director Chadwick Johnson, whose team is happy to accommodate any collector with warmth and respect.

Most importantly, I'd like to thank my collectors! Your support enthusiasm has fueled me through the years, and because I'm always in the studio, it's such a treat to see your beautiful faces and hear your take on the work!

With gratitude, 
Anne Faith Nicholls 

Photo Credits: ©Jacob Arden McClure, Barry Chukerman, Martin Lawrence Galleries


Las Vegas, NV,  July 2017
New Orleans, September 2017
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Thyssen Favorites

It's the thrill of my life to enjoy master works of art in-person. To study them, to learn from them, and soak in their sumptuous quality at close range is an artist's dream, or something one could compare to a holy pilgrimage. Jacob Arden McClure and I were lucky to visit a few of our favorite masterpieces, all under one roof, in Madrid's "Pink Wonder" El Museo Thyssen. 

How to beat a hungarian heatwave

Nobody bathes like Budapest, Hungary! Behold the Szechenyi Baths during an August heatwave. There's just no better way to beat the heat that with good friends, stunning historic architecture, cold beers and cooler waters.  


Hungarian Heatwave by Anne Faith Nicholls, was inspired by the fascinating history and bathing culture of Budapest and Lake Balaton, Hungary.